Joey L. Photography

Another photographer worth checking out.  Fantastic portraits and location shots, very inspiring to view the portfolio. Joey L. Photography

How Steve Jobs drove without license plates

Apparently Jobs drove his SL55 with no plates by exploiting a loophole in California law. Yahoo Autos Article  

Enable Google Plus for Google Apps

Finally!  Google Apps users (such as myself) can access Google+ with their Apps account.  Until now, you had to sign in with a gmail account.  This seems to be common for Google, most of their applications are not available to Apps users to start which is always a pain. Learn how to enable Google+ on your Google Apps account   If you are not familiar with Google Apps read more here.  Essentially it lets you run your own mail server using the Google infrastructure and Gmail interface.  Free for personal use. UPDATE: It looks like you can’t add your Google Apps account if you have already created a G+ account with gmail.  So it...

Portrait Photos ‘Printed’ Onto Abandoned Buil...

Fantastic art created by Alexandre Farto.  He scratches off paint on abandoned buildings to create portraits.  Take a look at more samples here. Reminds me of the ‘reverse graffiti’ art created by Alexandre...

Hints of Apple Plans in Jobs Book

My copy of the book is on order and I’m looking forward to learning more about Jobs and Apple.  Apparently the ‘next big thing’ for Apple was text books. Source:

Dennis Calvert’s Photostream

Some amazing light painting in this photostream. Also a few ‘how to’ images and videos. If you are interested, worth a look. Dennis Calvert’s Photostream The light painting set on Flickr Dennis Calvert’s Website

TouchFire: The Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad

This looks like a very promising product. A thin rubber overlay for your iPad that provides tactile feedback as you type. Held on by magnets, and works with both iPad 1 and 2. I always thought carrying around a separate keyboard somewhat defeats the portability of the iPad. I have tried the clamcase in the past, but stopped using it as it makes the iPad too bulky. If anyone types a lot on their iPad, they should check into this product. It’s a Kickstarter product, so not yet available, but I have no doubt it will come to market. TouchFire: The Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad by Steve Isaac & Brad Melmon —...


Quite possibly the most amazing spot on earth :) “Boomrock is comprised of three venues, The Lodge, The Track and The Bunkers.”  I’m not sure if anything more needs to be said, but in case you are interested you can shoot stuff, throw knives, go extreme off-roading, do hot laps on a track or in a rally car, and fly a f***ing chopper!  When done, you drink whiskey and eat venison.  Had I known about this place sooner I would have got married here. Boomrock

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