The Grid: A New Way To Design Websites?

I remember developing websites when the web was just starting to take off (mid 90’s). Coding HTML by hand and using Mosaic 0.9 Beta as my browser. Over time, tools like Dreamweaver gave us WYSIWYG editors to make things easier. Today, this site is based on WordPress, one of the very successful web publishing platforms that sprung up in recent history to make creating websites and posting content easier still.  Themes, plugins, widgets, and other shortcuts means you never have to see the code, or do any heavy lifting.  It’s a great way to create a site, but you still need some tech skills to get it up and running.  I still go...

JPEGmini – Your Photos on a Diet!

Great service that compresses your jpeg images for the web.  All of the images I have uploaded to the site so far have been compressed with JPEGmini.  You can use higher compression when saving in Photoshop or other image tools, but JPEGmini maintains quality a lot better.  I’m hoping they have an export plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop soon. JPEGmini – Your Photos on a Diet!