Sunset in Belize, Coco Plum Island Resort

Photo: Sunset in Belize


Sunset in Belize.  Taken on a small island off the coast of Dangriga.  Very quiet, only a few people.  A fantastic spot to get away from reality for a break.

Belize 2012-12-02 : Coco Plum Island Resort : Dock at Night

Photo: Twilight In The Caribbean

This photo was taken at twilight in Belize on a small island in the Caribbean Sea.  The dock is part of the Coco Plum Island Resort, a nice retreat to get away from city life.

Belize 2012-12-02 : Coco Plum Island Resort : Dock at Night



Orange Flower Post Retina 2X Plugin

Testing "Retina 2X" Plugin for Wordpress

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Testing "WP Retina 2X" Plugin For Wordpress

Now that Wordpress 4.4 is out (and used on this site as of December 8, 2015) I wanted to test the Retina 2X plugin for Wordpress to see how it works and if it makes a difference on my 4K monitor and iPhone.  I exported two images from Lightroom, one is 1024 pixels wide, the other 3840 pixels wide (4K).

1024 pixels version below.  The blog displays images here at 818 pixels wide, and if you click you get the large version. 2015-04-17-Arizona - 1024 Wide


The 3840 pixel version.  The theory is that high resolution displays should show a higher quality version than the one above (which is limited by the file size).

2015-04-17-Arizona - 3840 Wide.jpg