MC Hammer launching his own search engine

Apparently, going bankrupt once wasn’t good enough for MC Hammer. He is now launching a search engine called WireDoo which apparently has “deep search” capability.  Call me cynical, but trying to compete with Google in the search space is a recipe for failure.

My latest digging shows Google has 65% of the search market, Yahoo 16%, and Bing 14%.  Since Bing powers Yahoo search, I’ll lump them together into a 30% combined share.  That leaves 5% for all of the other search engines combined.

Microsoft managed to grab 30% of the search market partly by making Bing the default search in all of their products, including Internet Explorer.  Many users either won’t change it or don’t know how so they just stick with it and it works well enough.  Hammer doesn’t have this luxury, so his chance of success is next to nothing.  The only thing that may help is if the front page of WireDoo has an animated GIF of him doing the Hammer Dance.

MC Hammer launching his own search engine –


Wiredoo logo  This  is the awesome WireDoo logo.  If this is the best they can do, I doubt Google and Microsoft have much to worry about.  Honestly, I could do better in five minutes using MS Paint.