A Trip to the Vancouver Aquarium

I visit the Vancouver Aquarium several times a year and always enjoy it.  They recently expanded and also have bioluminescence displays which were great to see.   A friend of mine stole (ok, borrowed) my favorite lens for my visits to the aquarium, the Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 Micro VR, so these are all shot with the Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8.  Since everything is hand held, the VR is actually quite useful.

One of my favorite tanks showing the Pacific Sea Nettle.  I feel very relaxed after watching it for a while.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 21

A shrimp in the west coast exhibit.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 20

It was divers weekend (discount if you bring your cert card).  Lots of interesting info for divers.  Here, coast guard divers prepare to dive in the big tank next to the entrance.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 17

I caught the dolphin show from the underwater viewing gallery.  These animals are amazing, incredibly fast and agile.  Here, one of them makes an entrance after some acrobatics.
A Trip to the Vancouver Aquarium 1

Part of the bioluminescence display.  Preserved deep sea fish that use lights on their body to attract prey.  Wouldn’t want to run into this guy while swimming in the ocean.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 15

This little guy seemed quite interested in me.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 14

Leopard frog taking in the rays.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 13

The colours on some of these frogs is just amazing.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 12

Not my wife’s favorite.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 11

Hangin’ out, looks nice and relaxed.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 9

You see a lot more than fish at the Vancouver Aquarium.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 7

Rays, another favorite.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 5

The Arapaima, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 4

Looks like this guy just finished molting or is about to.  Great looking snake.
VanAquaJan12 Fav 1


And the rest of the images from the day.

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