Puppies & Bunnies

I took another trip to the Vancouver Animal Control shelter today to take photos of their dogs available for adoption.  Photos from my previous visit can be seen here.  As always, you can see the animals available for adoption from this shelter by visiting their PetFinder page or just drop in at the shelter.


I don’t think this black lab will be there long.


Cute little Boston Terrier, he jumps around like a maniac.


My favorite dog of the day, a blue heeler.

He kept trying to climb into my lap.


Hound dog.


They don’t always want to cooperate.


The fuzzy Rottweiler.


Funny dome head, but cute.


Almost every dog was black, the hardest to photograph!


Fuzz face puppies, so cute! 4 of them, they look like little Ewoks.


And a few bunnies too, even with fancy hair.