Vancouver Aquarium : February 20

The first photo is not from my trip to the Vancouver Aquarium, but it was taken during the same weekend when my brother was in town.  We decided to visit the lookout at Cypress Mountain at sunset, and lucky for us it was a fairly clear evening.  This photo is taken looking south east, the sun is setting to the right of the frame and Vancouver is in the foreground.  Mount Baker (which is in the USA), is visible in the background.  The use of a zoom lens (@ 155mm) provides the compression in the scene.  I have used zoom lenses for a few landscape shots in the past (Mountains at 400mm) and they can certainly provide an interesting perspective.

2013-02-19 : Cypress Mountain Lookout at Sunset : Resized


I also created a panorama from the same location starting just to the right of the image above.  I’m not that happy with the processing but I’m posting the image anyway.  If you want to see this image much bigger, you can do so here.

Vancouver Skyline At Sunset : February 19, 2013 : Taken from lookout on way to Cypress Mountain

Now the photos from the trip to the Vancouver Aquarium.  Photos from previous visits are also online.  I have a new favorite tank, the cuttlefish!  Those guys are fascinating to watch.

2013-02-20 : Vancouver Aquarium : Cuttlefish


Also got a great shot in the frog display area, these little guys were lined up like they were on duty.

2013-02-20 : Vancouver Aquarium : Frogs On Duty


A few other shots from the day.