Exploring Santiago

Though I’m posting this in September, the photos were taken in March. It has taken me ages to find the time to edit and post these shots but such is the life with young twins. I have been to Chile several times in the past but often don’t have time to explore due to my work schedule. However, during this trip I had an extra day and decided to explore the city of Santiago.

I contacted Cat at Foto Ruta to see if she had time to plan a custom tour. Not knowing the city well, it’s nice to have a local show you around. Cat was very accommodating to my schedule and interests and we planned an afternoon/sunset shoot.  We met at the GAM (Center of Arts, Culture, and People) and wandered the streets for hours from there.



Not far from the GAM is the “Cerro Santa Lucía”.

My favorite photo from the fountain did not turn out great but I had a good laugh at the little boy playing in the water.



Here are my tour guides for the afternoon, Cat and Alex.  I never did see the photo from the other side :)2015-03-19-Santiago-Chile-0257-MKH

I did try my hand at some sweeping shots of traffic.  Need more practice.

A few shots while walking through the streets.

We then made it to this great plaza where guys sit around and play chess.  Maybe women play too, but likely few and far between. Some interesting characters, and a bit of street art too.

I love old and interesting churches, this one was beautiful.

Caught this guy in the plaza, his shirt says “I shoot people”.  So do I :)


Some fantastic murals, they were huge and very well done.

This young guy looked relaxed and waved to us.  I like the long shadow in the waning daylight.2015-03-19-Santiago-Chile-0426-MKH

We got into an area of town filled with graffiti.  This is not the crappy work you see in a subway tunnel, but works of art by commissioned local artists.  It was brilliant.

My guides Cat and Alex looking for shots.


Even the people around here are covered in art.


A few shots from a rooftop to finish the day.  Thanks for the great tour Cat and Alex!


The next day, I only had a few hours before my flight but enough time to visit Centro Artesanal Los Dominicos.  This is a small village full of Chilean handicrafts and a farmers market.  Worth a visit.

My final stop for the day, and a place I have visited twice before, was the Cementerio General de Santiago.  It’s an interesting place to roam around, with a blend of old and new.  I’ll likely visit again in the future.

I “almost” sat on this at the end of the day.  No idea what it is but it was covered with long, hard, and incredibly sharp spines.  It hurt to even pick it up, so I’m glad I didn’t sit on it. It would have been a LONG plane ride home.