Hiking the Hope Lookout Trail

I hiked this with my six year old twins on July 6, 2019 but just posting a few pics now. The trail head starts in Hope, BC and is a short but relatively steep climb to the lookout. You get a nice panoramic view of the town below, it’s well worth the effort.

As with some of my previous hikes. You can download my GPX or KML files for use in your own GPS devices.

Here are some images from the trail.  High resolution panorama is shown at the end. Click for bigger versions.


I took a series of photos from the top using my high resolution camera (46 megapixel) then stitched the files into a large panorama.  The smaller version is shown below, but you can get a much bigger version HERE and zoom in to look around town.  I’m not posting the full size file as it’s just huge and takes forever to download.

Hope Panorama 4K