East Van Visitor

Early this morning I heard the crows outside our house making a racket. This isn’t terribly uncommon, but it was louder and carried on so I glanced out the window. There were about 40 crows in the tree outside my front door, then I noticed what they were all concerned about. A bald eagle was devouring something in the tree. I have seen a bald eagle in this part of east van a handful of times in the last ten years, but never like this.
I grabbed my camera, ran outside and spent the next 40 minutes taking photos, chatting to neighbors, and just appreciating the opportunity to view this amazing bird up close. It looks like it snatched a chunk of pork from somewhere nearby


East Van Visitor 9


East Van Visitor 10
Captured on 2021-02-14 in Vancouver by Michal Heller.