Hiking Mount Harvey

Interactive 3D map of the hike via Relive also available

I completed this hike on October 7, 2020 but didn’t post until Feb 2022.  I guess I’m a little behind in my site updates. Mount Harvey sits between The Lions and Brunswick Mountain and is a significant peak close to Vancouver.  I have been up all three peaks and they are all worth climbing for the stellar views and the challenge.  In this post I’ll cover part of the route and show some images from the summit  No hardcore scrambles but there are technical sections, good boots and decent fitness are necessary.  The profile is shown below, with grades in excess of 30% it will give even experience hikers a challenge.

Hiking Mount Harvey 19

I knew I wanted to hike Harvey when I saw it from the top of Brunswick, seen here (below) looming over the valley.

Hiking Mount Harvey 20

Harvey, Brunswick, and the Lions can all be accessed via the same trail starting at the end of Sunset Drive in Lions Bay.  Parking is limited, get there early and make sure you pay or you will get a ticket.  The trail to Brunswick peels off first (to the left), but stay on the trail marked for The Lions/Harvey.

Hiking Mount Harvey 21

It starts fairly easy, a nice wide trail through the forest.

Hiking Mount Harvey 22

After a while you will find another set of signs, but these are not as well marked and the trail for Harvey is not that obvious (quality of the photos isn’t great either, sorry).  Here, the big trail carries on to the right and will take you to the Lions but to the left (and up) you start your climb of Mt. Harvey.

Hiking Mount Harvey 23


The next while is a fairly steep slog though the forest following what is, at times, a poorly marked trail.

You eventually come out of the timber, trees give way to a meadow.

Hiking Mount Harvey 24


Views are spectacular, despite still needing to cover some vertical to reach the summit.  You get a good view of The Lions, and the peaks beyond.

The summit is spectacular, definitely worth the climb.

Hiking Mount Harvey 25

A view of Brunswick Mountain, the tallest peak in the region.  This angle makes it look relatively tame but the summit is amazing.

Hiking Mount Harvey 26

A few more images from the summit.  It was such a nice day, I didn’t want to come back down.

One more shot as I started my descent.  The hike took 8 hours start to finish, with at least an hour on the summit to refuel and enjoy the panoramic views.

Hiking Mount Harvey 27