Boomrock Lodge


Quite possibly the most amazing spot on earth :)

"Boomrock is comprised of three venues, The Lodge, The Track and The Bunkers."  I'm not sure if anything more needs to be said, but in case you are interested you can shoot stuff, throw knives, go extreme off-roading, do hot laps on a track or in a rally car, and fly a f***ing chopper!  When done, you drink whiskey and eat venison.  Had I known about this place sooner I would have got married here.


Flickr: johnhallmen's Photostream 1

Flickr: johnhallmen's Photostream

This guy has the most amazing macro photos, view his Flickr photostream at the link below.  A few samples:



He takes many shots with different focus and stacks them using specialized software.  The results are stunning.

Flickr: johnhallmen's Photostream.

First Post

My first blog bost on the new site.  The main purpose of this site is to have more creative control of how images I post are presented.  It also allows me to post content, recommendations, and news I find interesting in one spot rather than spread among many social networking sites out there.