Harvest Moon 2016 1

Harvest Moon 2016

On September 16, we had a full moon which was also our harvest moon.  The harvest moon is the full moon closest to the fall equinox (Sept. 22nd).  Since it was a beautiful clear night, I thought I would test out the Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6 VR lens.  Here is the shot, which isn't too bad for a relatively inexpensive lens (and Nikon D810).

Harvest Moon September 2016

Perseid Meteor Shower 2015-08-13

Perseid Meteor Shower

One shot from the Perseid Meteor Shower. Taken on August 12 near Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver, BC).

Perseid Meteor Shower 2015-08-13

Vancouver Skyline from Olympic Village 3

Vancouver's Olympic Village At Night

A friend of mine just purchased a new Gitzo tripod and was eager to try it out. We decided to head down to the Olympic Village in Vancouver to get some shots at night. Below are some of the shots that turned out ok, all shot with a Nikon D90, 3 exposure HDR at +/- 2 EV. Processed with Lightroom, Photomatix, and Photoshop.

This is the first time I have attempted an HDR panorama. This is a panorama stitched from four HDR images. I don't think it turned out that well, but I learned a few things and will try something different next time. I think some of the other images from the nights shoot turned out better. Shot with a Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8.
Vancouver Skyline from Olympic Village Pano

This shot is taken with the Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 wide angle lens from the Aqua Bus platform near Science World. Really enjoying this lens and can't wait to use it on an FX body. I like the how the reflections turned out in this shot.
Vancouver Skyline from Olympic Village 3

Vancouver Skyline from Olympic Village 1

The new and 'improved' BC Place along with the Plaza of Nations.
Vancouver Skyline from Olympic Village 2

Great design on this bridge, lit up at night and looks great.
Olympic Village Bridge

Some funky stairs and cool blue lights. They did a great job with the design and architecture at the new village. I'll be back to take more photos for sure.
Olympic Village Stairs

Science World always looks good at night.
Science World Vancouver

Amsterdam Dec 2011 long exposure train

Photo: Amsterdam Tram at Night

Another shot from Amsterdam.  This time a long exposure night shot of tram lights heading towards me then veering off to the right.

Amsterdam Dec 2011 long exposure train


Vancouver Skyline from Olympic Village

Photo: Vancouver Skyline from Olympic Village

An HDR image of the Vancouver skyline showing the new BC Place Stadium.  It was a clear and chilly night, the water was calm just long enough to get a good reflection.

Vancouver Skyline from Olympic Village


George Washington Memorial

Photo: George Washington Memorial

A photo of the George Washington Memorial taken while on a business trip to the city. The light was fading, and a security guard was looking at me funny as I parked in an illegal zone and ran up to the memorial. Considering this is a hand-held HDR shot, it turned out rather well. I think the cool blue light contrasts well with the illuminated building.

George Washington Memorial

East Van Supermoon

Photo: East Vancouver Supermoon

Taken March 19, 2011 during the "Supermoon" event when the full moon is closer to earth in it's orbit. Lucky for me, we had clear skies and I managed to get this shot of the moon rising over the East Van sign.

East Van Supermoon