Spotted Moray among the urchin and coral, Lanai, Hawaii, Nov 2011

Trip to Hawaii, November 2011

A few photos from my trip to Maui in November.  I stayed at the Honua Kai Resort and Spa, which is the newest resort property on Maui.  Great place…

BBC icicle of death

‘Brinicle’ Ice Finger of Death

The BBC has the most amazing footage of the natural world.  I own several of their sets, including Blue Planet and Planet Earth. If you haven't seen…

Alan Sailer high speed egg

Air Gap Flash & Alan Sailer’s Photostream

I have seen a lot of good high speed photography, but Alan Sailer has some of the most interesting shots out there.  These shots are taken using some…

Peter Jackson reveals the Red Epic secrets behind The Hobbit

Looks like The Hobbit will be filmed in 3D using a whole bunch of Red Epic cameras.  Check out the link below to see the 3D rig they put together,…

Puppies Last Day

Last night with Morimoto and Flappy

Our last night with the two foster puppies Morimoto and Flappy.  At one point we had eight, but they were spread out among foster homes quickly.…

Queen Elizabeth Park

Fall in Vancouver

It was a beautiful fall day in Vancouver today. I decided to visit Queen Elizabeth Park to try and catch some fall colours.

50mm lens shootout

Seven 50mm prime lenses for Nikon F-mount compared

Cary Jordan compares seven 50mm lenses for Nikon F-mount including several Nikkor lenses, Sigma, and Carl Zeiss.  Full results at the link below.…

Internet Explorer drops below 50% market share

Interesting browser market share stats at Ars Technica.  Combined market share for IE is below 50%, Safari dominates mobile browsing.  Personally, I…

Joey L Photography

Joey L. Photography

Another photographer worth checking out.  Fantastic portraits and location shots, very inspiring to view the portfolio. Joey L. Photography

Jobs Car No Plates

How Steve Jobs drove without license plates

Apparently Jobs drove his SL55 with no plates by exploiting a loophole in California law. Yahoo Autos Article